Saturday, January 12, 2008

I had a dream

last night. I dreamt that Tad had been assigned to a new CEC parish. He was in the sacristy getting vested where Fr. Patrick would show up every once in a while and secretly hand him a part of an orthodox vestment. By the end of it, he was completely vested as an orthodox priest, not a CEC priest. The CEC priest (no one recognizable) confronted him and said, "You're becoming orthodox?" The cat's out of the bag.

And so our journey begins. It will truly be a journey and I'm getting really excited. For so many years I've been searching for joy - promised it by the Lord, prayed over to have it, wondered where to find it and I think I'm finally going to see it. Mary Joy. I like the sound of it even more when I find myself with the freedom to pursue it, or rather, the freedom to let God pour it over me.

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