Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Turn for Fame

About a month or so ago Kh. Frederica was at our little mission parish to meet with her spiritual advisor. Her daughter also attends Liturgy at Four Evangelists. After Liturgy I got a chance to sit down with her and ask to what we owe the pleasure of her visit. In answer to my question she pulled out her tape recorder and asked if she could interview me for her podcast. I think the intention was to discuss large families, instead we got off on quite a few tangents about special needs and charismania. The podcast is now posted on Ancient Faith radio. It was a lot of fun to do - and I'm giggling through most of it because we had soo many interruptions. She wanted to do a podcast on our large family and she got plenty of little ones who wanted to join in the attention! I haven't figured out how to embed sound links yet so you'll have to travel to Ancient Faith to enjoy it - it's titled "And Baby Makes Twelve" (that was right before we found at that I am pregnant again).

Not to be outdone, Tad was invited back to the Generation Orthodox podcast which is now up (I haven't given it a listen yet).


DebD said...

very cool and I'm sure very fun! I'll try to listen to it this week.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for this! It was nice to hear your voice! really adds something. I enjoyed this very much. It was encouraging, esp. the we can accept/acknowledge who we are as we are now.

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neat eh?!)

Anonymous said...

I listened to this interview the other day! It really made me feel excited since I'm expecting my first child in June. My husband and I want a large family as well, but I guess it all comes one at a time. :)

In the interview it mentioned you are a recent convert. What did you convert from? My husband and I converted almost 5 years ago, during college. I was a United Methodist.

Mairs said...

Read further back on my blog and you'll get pieces of the whole sad story. My dh and I wandered around Christiandom for awhile (mostly Roman Catholic, in and out of charismatic groups) and then landed in the Charismatic Episcopal Church where he was ordained a priest. After ten years there we had to get out - Orthodoxy was the only way left to go!

And, well, we are now engaging in our 7th adoption process (2 of those were disrupted by the birthfamilies) and for 5 of them I have been some stage of pregnant so, nope, they don't necessarily come one at a time! LOL We even once did two adoptions on top of each other - had our dd from Hong Kong identified and matched before our ds from Korea was finalized.

Thanks for stopping by and listening! Large families are a lot of work but a ton of fun!

s-p said...

That was you? Cool! God bless you and all the kiddos.