Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting Ready...

Last Sunday it gave my heart a little thrill when I went up for a blessing during Eucharist and Fr. Greg mumbled "2 more weeks" as he blessed me with the chalice. Now it is just one more week as next Sunday our whole family will celebrate the sacrament of Chrismation together and receive Eucharist after a long, dry many months. We are excited to become an official part of this parish which we have grown to love and to be one with the Holy Orthodox Church. There are still lots of questions and particularly that nagging question in the backs of our minds, but I think we are ready. We are ready to be a part of something ancient and wonderful and mysterious that will take us the rest of our lives to unwrap. If you live nearby and would like to celebrate with us, please come. It would mean the world to us to share this new expression of our faith with friends and family - or even perfect strangers who just want to taste and see a bit of Orthodoxy.

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